Thursday, December 10, 2015

TBT Writer - A Nine-Year-Old's First Horror Story

Throwback Thursday (TBT) is awesome! It's fun, and often hilarious, to see what people used to look like and who they were. But, for this TBT let's mix it up a bit...

Wouldn't it be kinda neat if writers shared their old pics? Maybe holding a pen for the first time or even writing in a journal? Wouldn't it be cool if your favorite authors shared some of their very first when they were in grade school? 

If you're a writer, I invite you to share something you wrote way back when and/or a pic of yourself. Don't forget to use #tbtwriter when you post. If you're a reader, let's see how many of your favorite authors we can get to share. I would personally love to see Neil Gaiman back in the day. :) 

To kick off #tbtwriter, I present mini-me and my very first horror story I wrote when I was nine (which has been edited for ubiquitous typos). Enjoy!

The House Was Old and Abandoned 

As I was walking down the street, I turned into a court. I walked to the middle house, then stopped. I saw an ugly, broken house. It was blackish and grayish, and the house had a gate circling around it that was yellowish. I stepped inside the yard. I saw an old rotted oak tree and a tire was leaning against it. The grass, well it wasn't really grass, it was a few dozen weeds. Also, I saw concrete steps that had been covered by weeds that were leading to the house. I followed the steps to the porch, then I saw a weird creature looking at me. I almost screamed cause I thought it was real, but it wasn't, it was just a statue. After that, I saw a huge door. It had a giant knocker. I knew no one was there so I entered. The door handle almost fell off in my hand, then I encouraged myself to be brave and go in, so I did.

I saw a bunch of wood chips scattered everywhere, and spiders that had made homes out of it. I also saw a Persian rug that had lost some of its color. I walked over to the staircase. It was long and twisted, with a carpet that covered the staircase. The carpet had lost its color and turned gray. I climbed up the stairs. When I got to the top I had counted 45 stairs. Where I was standing I saw hundreds of doors that were an ugly red color. I went to the second door on the right and opened it. I saw all kinds of old-fashioned furniture that was torn up and the stuffing was coming out. The floor was made out of wood that was missing a few boards. I turned my head. On the wall I saw a picture of someone that was bald and a huge Indian head dress. The wall paper had strange designs that looked like a triangle stacked on a square, stacked on an ant shape. Then I saw a table missing a leg. On it was a book. I walked over to it. It was a picture book of the people that used to live there long ago. It was weird. I even saw a bald guy.

I decided I wanted to leave and find some other interesting things, then I heard a strange noise. It scared me half-to-death (in the original I wrote half-to-deaf). I ran out the door, came to the stairs. I thought it was too long to walk, so I slid down the rail. "Boom!" I reached the bottom, hopped up, and ran out the strange door. I almost tripped going down the stairs, but I managed to keep my balance. I ran out the gate and started to walk home cause I was out of breath. Then, as I was leaving, I saw a strange thing look at me through the window and gosh, I think it was bald!


  1. Haha, I love it! You really had a thing for bald people. Was there a bald family member that scared you when you were young? Your writing was definitely suspenseful. Nice descriptions too. Thanks for sharing,

  2. Thanks :) I have no idea what the bald thing was about. Maybe I was going for an Uncle Fester character? I laughed the entire time while writing this up.