Thursday, July 28, 2016

TBT Writer - An OCD'S Worst Nightmare

It's #TBTWriter! Time to share some writing throwbacks and awkward pics. If you’ve got a writing throwback, post it with this hashtag so we can all read your story.

When I was ten, we were given a class assignment to write a creative story about our bedroom. Being the OCD neat freak that I was (and still am), I guess my little mind thought it would be a fun experiment to write about a completely disorderly room. I mean, look at the picture below! Not a scary porcelain doll out of place. Apparently, I thought run-on sentences would also be fun. :D Enjoy!

Is it just me, or does it look like a Disney princess threw up in here?

My Room Was Messy

I walked in my room. It looked like a tornado hit it. I saw crunched up papers, mud on the carpet, my encyclopedia missing a few pages, my socks I put in the laundry were on my bed torn up, my drawers were open with clothes thrown everywhere, my lunch box was torn in half, my sheets to my bed were hanging on my blinds, my homework assignment I put on my desk was no where in sight, my puzzle I did was missing a few pieces, my dirty clothes had bites on them, my pillow had mud paw prints on it. That could only mean one thing, "Millie." I found her outside with all of my stuffed animals circling around her and my homework assignment right beside her. I said I love you Millie, and I also think I saw her wink.  

Here's the culprit of this story - Millie.

There's not a single picture of me in the 90's without a funky bow in my hair. Will they make a comeback? 
I hope not!

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