Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Real Theater of Secrets

I was certain I left the map at Fisherman’s Wharf—the intoxicating aroma of fresh fish and chips distracting me. I thought I would remember the street names she had labeled and headed out again into the city, only to drift deeper into an 
entrapment of fog, brick, and night.

~Chapter 3 of The Nightmare Birds

 ~ ~ ~

Did you know that all of the places described in The Nightmare Birds are based on real-life places in California? It's true! I'm a California native and the fictitious town of Sea Salt is actually based on some of my favorite coastal towns. The entrance to the Theater of Secrets and the hotel Daisy stays in are also based on real places. There are a few other places in the story where the real names are listed like Fisherman's Wharf at Pier 39.

The adorable sea lions are my favorite attraction at Pier 39
You can explore these places through this interactive map. You'll also get to read excerpts from the book about each location. Enjoy!