Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Book Impressions - Love Serially

Getting a book review is like opening a gift on Xmas.

When it's a good review, it's like getting Super Nintendo with all of your favorite games that you'd been wanting all year. Hey, I'm a child of the 90s. :) Did you see this by the way?

Anyway, I'm so excited that Love Serially Book Blog reviewed BOTH of my books and had some awesome things to say.  Here's a snippet from the Strange Luck review:
"The writing and dialogue are smooth and the world that Amie Winters creates is vivid and's a lot of fun."
You can read the full review here.

And here's a snippet of The Nightmare Birds review:
"Daisy is a very loving person and it really helps to draw people to her, including me the reader. The love of a daughter to her father, first love, and the love of a mother to her child—it’s all there and I enjoyed it immensely...highly entertaining."
You can read the full review here.

I'm so glad you enjoyed my books!:D

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