Saturday, January 21, 2017

Hidden Messages, Magic, and The Vikings

I had a great time answering some out-of-the-box questions from The Regal Critiques today, like if there's a particular message I'd like readers to grasp. There is! You can check it out here. The Regal Critiques will also be reviewing my books next week so stay tuned. :)

On another note, K.J. Simmill (author of Darrienia: The Forgotten Legacy Series) just posted her review of The Nightmare Birds today.  Here's a snippet:
"This book possessed the same charm and flair as its predecessor, with an extra added darkness looming on the horizon. Very well written, and an incredibly entertaining read. Daisy’s character continues to develop and surprise us, and we meet a whole array of deep and interesting characters as the story unfolds. If you want action, suspense, mystery and magic you won’t be disappointed."
Wow! This review certainly made my day. You can read her full review here.


I've had a head cold for 2 weeks now and have been watching movies and shows non-stop. I've been completely obsessed with the show Vikings. I so want to be Lagertha...or at least wear her outfits.

I'm actually considering getting a Viking rune tattoo now. Needless to say I was overjoyed when the hubs got me this!

Off to read...

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