Wednesday, September 6, 2017

"A Fantastic Ending to an Exciting and Thrilling Series" - Early Reviews of A DARLING SECRET

I'm positively delighted to share some awesome early reviews of A DARLING SECRET, which will release the first day of fall (September 22).

Here's what Tome Tender Book Review had to say:

“It is the journey of discovery throughout this series that will have readers hanging on to each page! Witness Daisy’s world implode, all she held as truth to be smoke and mirrors and the inner strength she must draw on to save those she loves, even as she learns, once you have grown and changed, you can never unlearn the lessons of life.”
Read the full review here.

Here's what Love Serially Book Blog had to say:

“This is a fantastic ending to an exciting and thrilling series. Amie Winters continues to offer up surprising twists in this last installment, along with a very sweet and satisfying ending…Thinking about this series in its entirety, I am awed at the imagination of Winters. Each book offers a different world to explore. It lives up to the fantasy genre and offers interesting twists on old classics like witches, evil, and the afterlife.”
Read the full review here


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