Wednesday, November 8, 2017

"A Darling Secret Is A Darling Finale" - Fantasia Reviews The Final Book in the Strange Luck Series

"Winters has always had a knack for setting a convincing stage, and this work is no exception. Then she takes it a step further, twisting the whole thing about and giving us something of a surprise, demonstrating more than just her world building, but her ability to tell a darn good story."

"Holding nothing back, Miss Winters has become more imaginative and daring in her storytelling, building a world, slowly disarming us and allowing us to appreciate the boldness of the world that she has built. This marks the darkest entry in the series, though it is no less fantastic."

"A Darling Secret Is A Darling Finale." 

Read what else Fantasia Reviews had to say about A Darling Secret in their lovely review.

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