Monday, February 1, 2016

Victorian Mania – What’s On My Nightstand

Can you say WEIRD?

I’ve been really getting into Victorian-themed everything lately, like weird Victorian pictures (above). I’ve been totally binge-watching Masterpiece Theatre too (Downton Abbey and Mr. Selfridge are my favorites at the moment, although it all began with Avonlea back in the day), and then I randomly picked up a couple of Victorian-themed books. Now it’s all I want to read! It’s been influencing me so much that a lot of the Victorian aesthetics are trickling into my new book, The Nightmare Birds—the second book in the Strange Luck series. If you’re of a similar Victorian mania mindset, or just looking for something new to read, here’s what’s currently on my nightstand:

The Cure for Dreaming By: Cat Winters: The gorgeous cover is what initially drew me to this book. Something about the picture is just so irresistibly strange and creepy. My favorite! :) The Cure for Dreaming is a peculiar Gothic love story, seamlessly weaving in the complexity of gender roles in Victorian life. Cat writes so simplistically, yet her words carry deep purpose and beauty. I also love the old pictures and quotes scattered throughout the book (very Miss Peregrine’s School for Peculiar Children). The parallels with Dracula are also a nice touch. 

This story has kept me guessing and I can’t wait to see what happens. I’ll definitely be reading more of Cat’s books in the future.

Anatomy of a Darkened Heart By: Christie Stratos: In a word…Wow! I am absolutely and totally addicted to Anatomy of a Darkened Heart. From the first sentence, I was totally transported into time and place, wondering what was going to happen next—especially with the creepy baby. The concept reminds me of The Omen meets Rosemary’s Baby meets Downtown Abbey. All winners! 

Christie’s writing style and use of description is elegant, unique, and emotional. I'm dying to see what happens next. Oh, and the cover is freakin' awesome!

What I’ll Be Reading Next:

Bad Medicine By: David Wootton: Until the invention of antibiotics in the 1930s doctors, in general, did their patients more harm than good. This book is a fascinating look at the history of medicine—from Hippocrates, the Victorian era, to present. 

Anne of Green Gables By: L.M. Montgomery: I’ve always loved this story. It’s due time for a re-read.

Other Cool Victorian Things to Check Out:

7 Ways Victorian Fashion Could Kill You: No wonder most people didn't live past age 30!

10 Weird Things the Victorian’s Did for Fun: The anthropomorphic taxidermy is by far the weirdest.

Weird Victorian Beauty Standards We Thankfully Don’t Deal with Today: Ahh, the sting of poison in your eyes. All in the name of beauty.

How We Lived Then Museum: Next time I'm in England I'm totally going here.
Ragged School Museum: The authentic Victorian classrooms are a must see. 

Is there an awesome Victorian book, movie, or museum you’d like to share? Comment below! If not, you'll have to answer to him...and that's one mean looking chicken!