Thursday, September 22, 2016

TBT Writer - The Word Wizard

It's #TBTWriter! Time to share some writing throwbacks and awkward pics. If you’ve got a writing throwback, post it with this hashtag so everyone can read your story.

In elementary school, we were given a class assignment to write about our favorite words. They even gave us this nifty handout to fill in the blanks.

Check out that self portrait in the middle. I'm wearing a bow AND a pearl necklace. Fancy. I'm also labeled as "a word wizard." I like the sound of that!

Looking back now, the teacher who assigned this was awesome. What better way to learn how you feel about writing than to dissect words. I especially liked looking at which of these answers are still true, which I've noted beneath each prompt. Here we go...

Words that make me happy: Good, fantastic, great, nice job
These words do still certainly make me happy. :D

Strange or fun words I know: Ice skating, music, soccer
I must be going with "fun" words here.

Special words: Amie
Interesting answer. I probably wrote this because not a lot of people spell their name like me.

Places we find words: Paper, rooms, clothes, school, homes

Words I say to cheer up others: Are you o.k., I'm sorry, comets
Not sure what 'comets' means here. Maybe I meant 'comments' as in giving people feedback.

Words that scare me: Croak
This is still true! There's something about this particular word that I absolutely hate.

Words that I love to hear: Piano, music, soccer, Amie
Apparently I liked people saying my name. Not sure these are still true. I think my new answers would have to be cake, Loki (he's my puppy), and I liked your book.

I use words with care because: More people will be kind and will become our friends
I can't believe I wrote this. How adorable!

Words are important because: That's how we learn how to read and talk

These words always cause a strong reaction: Hate

I learn new words best when: I look in a dictionary
Somewhat agree. I'm more likely to look at the thesaurus in Word than go to a dictionary. 
And no TBT post would be complete without a silly picture. This one is so wonderfully 90's that I had to include it. Check out that rockin side ponytail. Oh, and if you're curious about what I'm doing, I'm weaving a lanyard. Remember those? I miss the 90's :(

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