Thursday, August 10, 2017

Blog Milestone - 15,000 Pageviews!

The Golden Cricket hit a milestone this week - 15,000 page views. WOOHOO!

Thank you to everyone who reads my blog, and for all of the awesome comments. You guys seriously rock :)

To celebrate, I thought I'd showcase the top three posts I've featured on The Golden Cricket thus far.

Here we go:

writing historical fiction

1)  How To Write Historical Fiction Without Really Trying - Guest Post by Christie Stratos: This article was one of my very first guest posts I featured on the blog. It's written by fellow author, Christie Stratos, who also happens to be my editor.

If you've ever wanted to write historical fiction, but don't know where to get started, you have to check out her post.

tbt writer

2) TBT Writer - Confessions of a Sugarholic: Each month (give or take), I try to post something I wrote way back when accompanied by an awkward pic. I call is #TBTWriter, or Throwback Thursday Writer.

This particular bad story was written about an ice cream sundae. Get ready to laugh! Check it out. 

author first book

3) TBT Writer - Good Ideas, Sometimes: Remarkably, the third most-viewed post on The Golden Cricket is another Throwback Thursday story.

In this post, I share the very first book I wrote, pics, and a peculiar dedication at the front. Hope you enjoy it.


What's your favorite post on The Golden Cricket? Share below.

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