Monday, August 7, 2017

Review of “Strange Luck” & “The Nightmare Birds” by Amie Irene Winters PLUS Early Look at “A Darling Secret”

These lovely reviews by Sunshine Somerville started my week off wonderfully. :)

Take a moment to read the latest kind words about my books!

Strange Luck

"I loved the complex and unique use of memories. It was a great way to shape the fantastical world Daisy finds herself in, and it was a neat way to bring so many fantastical elements together – in a world of happy memories and dreams, anything goes! Overall, I’d recommend this for anyone who likes YA fantasies that give you a mystery to figure out."

The Nightmare Birds

"I loved how the plot thickened and you were never really sure what to believe – and Daisy wasn’t either. Is her own mind tricking her? Is Mr. Black telling the truth after all and there’s going to be a huge twist on everything we thought we knew as a reader so far? This story definitely kept me turning the pages as I tried to sort it all out. I liked how certain things from the first book tied in here, but it’s definitely a new story. And the end certainly suggests Daisy has more to learn."

Click here to read the full reviews AND read an excerpt from A Darling Secret.